building bridges

The other way around it?

The tendency, I believe it is fair to say, with dating, is to put best your best foot forward, especially in the beginnings of courtship (ah courtship – what a beautiful thing!). You know look your best, walk your best,…

building bridges


Before I close the chapter to the book we’ll never write I want to say it’s been said, you don’t fall in love with the person you fall in love with who you are with that person until I stood…

building bridges

Without You

were it not for you, I would not know the joy of being who I am I would not know the immense power within me I would not have experienced the palpable sensation of it were it nor for you…

just a girl

lovely knows

the man who named her lovely still, she is to him and immediately she remembered how she enjoyed talking to him it was a fit that did not fit but still, she is lovely to him with him, she feels…

expansion, just a girl

The Joy of Freedom

There’s a lot of talk that goes on about “not changing who you are” to be in a relationship.  About staying true to yourself, your loves, your dreams, about being supported in them as a requirement for a relationship.  But…

building bridges

Common Sense Nervousness?

I’m always boggled by people who tell me they get really really nervous before a first date.  How nervous are they really? What are they afraid of?  Rejection?  If a complete stranger calls you up and tells you they NEVER…