were it not for you, I would not know the joy of being who I am

I would not know the immense power within me

I would not have experienced the palpable sensation of it

were it nor for you

I would not know that I am the woman I always wanted to be

I would not know exactly what I’ve always wanted

and how it feels to live it

I would not have known just how much I could open myself

without giving up a single aspect of myself

but rather, gaining more

without a mere moment (in the greater scheme of it all)

none of this would have shown itself to me

the ecstasy in myself

the sheer bliss of flow

the undeniable, mysterious strength of a woman

I would not have known just how much I value myself

I wold not have know the experience that such value brings to a relationship

the true feeling of partnership

being a team

my strengths, your strengths

weaknesses complimenting eachother

2 nudging eachother

when even they, so strong, infallible, get weary

I would not know

true respect

utter admiration, moment to moment

I would not have known safety,


without you I would not have tasted the freedom I always seeked

that seemed to keep me apart from love

I found the kind of freedom I search for, right there with you

the one that can’t be described in words

a quiet (and powerful) soaring

a true knowing

I would not believe that my belief about men is truer than true

that men like you are real, and tangible

and that men like you, attract women like me

a mere moment has defined who I am

what I want

how much I love it

in ways more solid that I could have ever imagined

and yet unexplainable to a human soul