it’s in the palm  of your hand

your giant hand that envelopes all of me

that’s where I close my eyes to be

where I don’t wanna be where I am

in that dark moment

with my eyes shut

I can feel the safety of the palm of your hand

a place to retreat

where I always am

but I only remember it so

when I it get sso dark I can’t see

but I can feel

I can feel that you hold it all together

that you hold me there

steady and strong

and when I take a moment to retreat into that haven

it all goes away

and there’s only you and I

and I know it’s all ok

I close my eyes and remember where I am

I remember who I am

I remember who loves me

I remember who loves through me

and that’s all I am mean to do

let love flow through me

while perched in the palm of your hand

I am