it’s the rain, he whispered as he leaned against the door and pulled her close

It verbalized the ache I feel from missing you

The pleasure in your body for the simple taste of fresh fruit upon on your lips

the way you wrap yourself around me and swallow me whole to let me know you love me

they way you whisper pride, ecstasy and sin in my ears when I need it the most

because you add value to my life

because I want to discover more of you,that’s why I miss you

because I want to feel your tiny hand in mine

and trace the curve and indentation of your lower spine with my finger

then there’s curve of your lips when you don’t want to show me just how happy you are because you’re upset

and the yearning in your body when it rains

the things I know, I think I know and want to know

the anger scares me, it hurts, but it calls me always, to be a better a man

because you’re in my day dreams and night dreams

I can’t think a thought without you eavesdropping in my mind

the way you curl into a ball against me while I watch you sleep

completely at ease because you know your man is beside you

it had to be you

it had to be

it can only be you

just you

that’s why