The people you think “have it all together” are just those you don’t know well enough. -Rick Warren

In Information = Power from Success Magazine‘s December 2011 issue, Tavis Smiley talks about the importance of leader’s sharing their stories of failure – these stories encourage others to keep on despite failure. They teach that failure is only feedback; often, people will give up as a result of failure.  It is so important for human beings to share not only their failure stories but also their vulnerability.  This is it folks, this is what makes us human – to each other.

Why go on walking in this world pretending that life is peaches and cream all the time.  Admittedly, for most of us, whether we see it or nor not, it’s pretty darn great most of the time.  Nonetheless, we all have our off days or challenges, our moments of vulnerability.  But in hiding we do not do the world justice, we do not serve as teachers.  To teach that everything is a bucket of roses all the time is false, way more empowering is to teach, by example, that yes, even “together” people have bad moments, or off days, or make mistakes or fail.  This is one of  the threads that ties humans together, not because we are weakened by our vulnerabilities but because we are strong in spite of them.  Because we brush ourselves off and carry on. Is there a more powerful lesson?  in what twisted world did we teach that everyone had to be perfect all the time otherwise they are broken?  No kidding so many human beings walk around with the deep  and predominant feeling that they are never enough and are afraid of rejection.

The way to unravel that twisted belief is to create a movement with a new one. Is to teach by example.  Is to be brave. Is to be authentic.

Let those that are brave enough stand with you. The more people come to live their truth, about their dark moments, the more   people will be able to also, live their truth in their light.