Heavy and thick

And cold comes as the wind picks up

Trees swaying in unison


You taught me how to tell the rain

How to feel it’s coming on my skin

And in my nose

How to tell my own heart

The smell of the rain in the grass

Reminds me of you

How to not take myself so seriously

I am still learning

I never held your hand

I wonder what it might be like


I did feel your heartbeat

And I will always remember you by my bedside

Taking your own heart to battle

Just like I did

A very long time ago

You taught me, sadly, I learned too late

How to not fear love


I made every mistake possible

Did everything I could to push you away

And I succeeded

Because I’m sly that

I know what strings to pull

Buttons to push

And I succeeded

To my own regret

I don’t care if I ever hold your hand

But I want to open my heart