grief to relief

drop by drop

The rain know exactly when to come. Perfectly timed to fill me up with its soothing presence One drop at a time, I listen for each one. And feel the weight of it on my soul, it’s fullness in my…


How to Tell the Rain

Heavy and thick And cold comes as the wind picks up Trees swaying in unison   You taught me how to tell the rain How to feel it’s coming on my skin And in my nose How to tell my…

the ♥ files

Stomping at Puddles

As I walked the 10 blocks home this afternoon in the pouring rain, my green and white flowered Gipsy skirt and white tank stuck to my body and rainwater dripped down my hair and face.  I smiled.  First I smiled…



summer rain pouring down like nails on my bedroom patio I make a pact with myself I will be who I am I will draw joy upon my gifts and bestow them to the world the magical abilities of my…