As I walked the 10 blocks home this afternoon in the pouring rain, my green and white flowered Gipsy skirt and white tank stuck to my body and rainwater dripped down my hair and face.  I smiled.  First I smiled at the older ladies with plastic bags over their heads to protect their hair.  Then I smiled at myself, enjoying the moment like a 5 year old child. Then I smiled because I was reminded of my first love and a particular Thursday afternoon in college.  It was pouring rain, not unlike today, we were walking from the subway to the the car, through the parking lot of a small local mall.  We crossed one puddle after another in silence because we both have been sulking after an argument.

To this day I can’t remember who started it, but our silent walk turned in a puddle stomping fest.  We laughed and played in the rain like little kids trying to figure out who could make the biggest splash.  At 6″1, he obviously kicked my5″1 butt. But,  I’ve always remembered that day because even in the growing pains of moving into our twenties and the falling apart of adolescent love, he and I always found a way to play.

I was lucky to have truly loved so early in life.  Friends and family would often make reference to how profound and surreal the experience had been so early in our lives life. Both of us were shaped in those years of young love; our characters and our values especially.   In many ways it’s been a blessing that has allowed me to treasure relationships with the people I care about the most. It has been a reference point so many times, be it in relationships with family and friends and romances.

If you ever get the chance to stomp your feet in a puddle in the pouring rain, alone, or with someone, whether you love them or not, take it.  Life’s too short to put a plastic bag over head to keep from getting wet.  Let the rain wash over you and smile.  You’re alive and having a magic moment that you’ll remember forever.