She’s got nothing on you kid
Oh how lovely you are
And the words trail into the bedroom
forever could never feel long enough for me,
to feel like I’ve had long enough with you
discovering each  new landscape
inside and out
and in the world we’re creating
she smiles, knowingly
completely real
she is
every minute of it
it was what they always  wanted
so strong, so flexible, so easy
the way authenticity always is
they just both got out of the way
every day, every hour, every minute
even in the darkness
there is always a light shining through
and he, solid, present
her loving, pure
lives painted with rumi and passion
love and abundance
and side by side in bed
she curled in his arms
every night before they sleep
in gratitude
both he and her
man and woman
the depth of love
in so many facets
continuously explored
painted landscape
never ending horizon
a King and his Queen of Tides
SuzyQ, Q