It slowly creeps
And builds
Not loathing, but some elements of it
Look and see
See with eyes wide open
See, truth
And all that creeping
Becomes one moment, seeing with your eyes
It’s time to let it burn
Tainted hearts are better left to their own ashes
It’s time to turn around and walk the other way
Onward, on the road less traveled
The road where you don’t exist
Where you were nothing but a memory
A boy who once was crazy about me
A man who could have been mine
But never was, and seemingly still always a part of me
leaving those ashes to burn
like the remnants of giant log
melted in a fire
Seeing now, that I must be move onward
Leaving you behind
I see now, that I would not find bliss
There is deep abiding love, but not love as the world knows it
A compassion for your soul
Burning ashes, but there is flame to even feed
I see through my eyes wide shut
I see a slow stepping soul, ready
And so here it is
My heart is best spent elsewhere
Than nursing this impossibility
Of years and years gone by
And so I turn away
Dropping the oars, and move now with the current
The current that is not ours, but mine
Ashes washed to sea
Far beyond reach as the current moves me onward in the flow
Leaving them behind
Blowing kisses to the sun
As it now shines upon me
SuzyQ, Q♥