Trust tends to so commonly be associated with honesty, fidelty, loyalty.  The lack of trust, by default thereby relating itself to dishonesty, lies, disloyalty, infidelity. But really, when you stop and think about it, trust is feeling, some sort of sense that we get.
A short while ago, I wrote about trust and how its foundation relates to trusting ourselves over and above everything else.  It is my belief, as a result of my life experience, that relating in a state of trust stems first from trusting our own self. But for the sake of expansion, and easing and leading ourselves to an ongoing and solid place of self trust, let’s bring other people into this alchemy of getting a sense of trust.
Pinning someone as trustworthy expands way beyond believing them to be honest. The depth and fullfillment of a relationship is directly related to level of authenticity permitted in an exchange. If we don’t feel that we can be authentic and real in our exchanges, the chances are good that there will be a lack of trust in relating to an other.  Essentially, we need a sense of not just acceptance, but honor and embracement as we relate to others.  This takes the definition of trust and trustworthy to a whole other level.  Can I be myself with you?  Will you accept me still?  and see my beauty through that and honor me?  Will you promise to make the space where we exchange as humans a safe one? Will you keep it sacred? Chances are, if that sense of safety and sacredness is there at this level, there will be a strong sense of trust in relating. At this level, honesty is simply a natural result of the quality of the exchange.
So, how much I trust you isn’t necessarily about how honest I believe you to be, but also, if not even more, about how comfortable I am being real (and thereby possibly vulnerable) with you. And that level of comfort usually stems from me, and so again, it comes back to how much do I trust myself to begin with. So even if I believe you to be an honest person, if I don’t feel that you will embrace me, I may not necessarily trust you. I will take my sweet little self elsewhere where I trust I will be honored and if I’m really living it up, celebrated!


SuzyQ, Q♥