A recipe for disaster, well in my opinion anyway : …the singular fantasy of human intimacy: that one plus one, will somehow, someday, equal, one” Committed, Elizabeth Gilbert

This is my biggest fear.  Why would we want to be one?  I like being me. the last thing I want to lose is being me. Being me, allows me to be “with” you, and you, are wonderful when you let me be me. Being me, means I get to be the woman and you get to be my man.  Could there not be a better attribution of roles?  This is not a push for woman’s independence.  These are not even terms I think in. There may be a lot of “strong” women out there, but put them beside a really strong man and you’ll see a completely different aspect of these women. That’s all it takes. Being me, means I get to be the lady who melts your heart and you get to be the man I trust.  You get to do all those awesome things men do for their lady and I get to beam at you in admiration for it. If we become “one” where do I end and where do you begin?

Becoming “one” is not the answer to love’s prayer.  You fall in love with someone because of who they are, or better yet, if you are really lucky, because of who you are when you are with them. These are two separate entities that complement each other  and they are necessary to create the dynamic that relationships thrive in.  Somewhere between being needy and being independent lies a happy medium that has polarity between two entities  that includes both aspects of these opposites. And in this polarity the strengths of both partners comes into play and these are very different strengths.

That’s where I want to live. I want to live in my strength so that you can live in yours.