and so stillness found the girl who chased her tail
the girl who, like rooted tree,
weathered storm season in all of it’s facets
it happened slowly
an it spoke wisely
of notions of deep bonds morphed
from the passing of souls
of friendships in catharsis
and homes remade
and of a love that never was
and one that waits
and waits
and waits
to know its own truth
and of one that is making its way in
is a strange thing after tornadoes gone rampant for what seemed like eternity
this voice is different
this voice of stillness that belongs to the soul of us
she rebuilds her form
and hears wisdom in nothing
ether whispers of truth to fill the nothing
love and passion, partnered
in bliss
in breath
every movement now
the touch of her feet on the earth
is like an extension of meditation
it is
in the vastness of the space
where stillness has been waiting
to have this conversation