summer rain pouring down
like nails on my bedroom patio
I make a pact with myself
I will be who I am
I will draw joy upon my gifts
and bestow them to the world
the magical abilities of my fingers weaving letters into words
and to string them together into phrases
a magical ability to draw in the heart
to connect with so many
in a moment
to gain trust
to say the right thing
at the right time
to Affect those around me
I will commit to knowing these gifts
to using them
I will find comfort in my pain
the beauty that trails through my mind
a rampage of words
I will use them
let them spill from me in whatever way I can
I will draw courage from the earth

to lead with a loving heart
to inspire
to infect
to affect
with love
I will indignantly be
with love
in love
I will smile upon your face
upon circumstances
upon obstacles
I will say Yes
to dharma
to purpose
to being at cause
I will step into the puddle
and splash my feet under the pouring rain
I will get in the flow
stay in the flow
I will BE the flow
I will be
I am being
each moment
I am