So what’s it all for? Really? The life you live, the dreams you dream, the goals your strive to achieve, the love you seek, the friends you hold dear. The elaborate meals you cook, the paint you slip onto paper, the clothes you take pride in wearing, the fancy cars you drive, the big houses you buy, the raise you keep fighting for, the daily jogs, feet crunching on the pavement, the marathons, trips, walks along the ocean, the lips you seek to kiss. Everything you want, all the desires you put out there, they seek only to satisfy one need. Even the love you so desperately long for, it’s all simply to FEEL GOOD. All you really want is too FEEL GOOD. Your day at the spa, summer nights on the porch, the jokes you tell, the drinks you down, all the things you want, the experiences you seek. You are simply seeking to FEEL GOOD.

Face it people, we’re FEEL GOOD whores (yes you heard me).

So when what you think you want is out of reach, when you’re getting worked up in that thought, in the reaching, in the pining; remember, all you want is too FEEL GOOD. Yes, to FEEL GOOD. All you have to do in those moments is to find something that will make you FEEL GOOD, and you’ll only maybe feel a little better at first. But as you find something else that makes you FEEL GOOD, and something else, and something else, you will feel BETTER and BETTER. And that thing that you think you want that’s so out reach, won’t be out of reach anymore, or won’t be in your mind anymore, or you may not want it so badly anymore, or you may feel more patient, or more certain. You know why? Because you’ll be FEELING GOOD and the better you feel… the better you feel.

In every single moment, all you have to do is to find a way to FEEL GOOD. That’s it.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t get the thing you want, because the thing you want is a feeling. Just keep reaching for the feeling and it will take you to more of that feeling.

Just be the FEEL GOOD whore that you are, lavishly, just let that be your guiding light, your driving force, in every moment and you will se just how good you WILL FEEL and you will help others FEEL BETTER and better because it just gets easier and easier to spread the FEEL GOOD feeling around when that’s all you’re looking for.  So replace every ‘thing’ that you seek for a desire to FEEL GOOD and you will. And every ‘thing’ that you seek will find it’s way into your lap. Try it, watcha got to lose? you can’t be any worse off than you were.


Photography by Anna Romano