your hand resting on my lap while you drive

or reaching for my hand, your male skin pressed against mine

feeling my heart, in whatever state it resides


you give me the keys to your car, so you can take mine in for repairs

“I’ll take care of it”

spending time at my place, even though it’s not ideal, because you know it’s good for me

until we can live together, there’s no need to strain me

your desire to make my life better,


your willingness

perseverance, diligence, commitment,



caring about me, for me, with me

your hand on my lap

your front pressed my back, spoon shaped

groceries,hikes, quiet saturday nights


your warmth, my warmth

I’m allowed to love you


you, waiting for me downstairs, to head up north for a day hike, for dinner

your hand on my lap


an autumn afternoon of horseback riding

your hand on my lap


dinner with my family

deliveries together

quiet, peaceful

hiking, climbing,


books in bed

dinner making

building a life


Christmas dinner

family dinners

our – priorities – straight


mine, yours, ours


you words, true,


you touch me when you say things that matter

you look into my eyes, to make sure I am listening, feeling, receiving


your hand on my lap

my well being in your heart

me loving you back

in all the ways that are good

for me

for you

for us