We were coming back down the mountain from our lunchtime run on a warm sunny Monday. Two women were walking in front of us.  “I wish I could wear short shorts like that”, I said to my running buddy as  we walked behind the women.   “I’m too short and it just doesn’t work for me.” It’s true, shorts don’t work on me, and I am very particular about my style. I believe a woman looks terrible with clothes she’s constantly yanking at and not feeling good in. That’s how I would look if I put short shorts on.  Instead, I wear a lot of vintage style dresses when it’s hot, because vintage is my thing and let’s face it, dresses are totally feminine.  Still, would be nice to have that freedom… a gal can dream.  She didn’t say anything.  We kept walking to cool down, making our way to President Kennedy and McGill College.

That conversation (the one I basically had with myself) bothered me all afternoon.  Why was I so hung up on my legs?  I mean I like myself, there are many aspects of myself that I love actually. And like many women, there are a few things I would change, like having stick figure legs (in my case) for example .  I kept thinking about this as I walked to the elevators to head to a meeting.  And then clarity made way.  My legs are my biggest asset. I mean seriously, I give them a run for their money.  I start and end the day with a 5km ride (each way) up AND over the mountain to get to work during the summer months.  At lunch, I alternate between one day of running and one day of stair and function training and one day of rest ( do this even in the winter until it hits -10/-12).   On the weekend I usually hit the mountain once for a workout, either the 8k to and around Beaver Lake or an extra long stair workout. If I’m not there, I’m at Zumba with Vered on saturday morning.  And I throw in a zumba class during the week if I can. And I practice yoga 2 times a week (although I may take the summer off).  To top it all off, I’m in heels at least 5 days a week, and fri or sat nights if I head out.  And I have the nerve to bitch at my legs????? I mean seriously?  Who the hell do I think I am?

I should be bowing down to my own legs on my hands and knees.  My perspective has totally changed since that sunny Monday. And I venture to say, their performance will as well as I continue to be their love slave.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even get an inch or two more out of them. Haha, like I said, a gal can dream.  At 5″2, I’m dreaming big, aiming, a little taller.


Shoot for the stars!  And love the parts of you that serve you the most.

SuzyQ, Q♥