It’s insane don’t you think that our society teaches women that the only way we can get what we need from men is through manipulation.

How’s that workin out for you ladies?

Seriously? The measure of an action posed is measured not only by it’s effectiveness, but by how good it feels (see my thoughts on human beings as feel good whores)… something to ponder. There is no way in hell I will believe that any woman can feel good about having her needs met through manipulation.  And, it’s giving us a bad rap.

It’s such a sad situation and a viscous merry go round of disempowerment for all involved.  How can women stomp their feet and clang their cymbals proclaiming that women are such powerful beings in the same breath that they adopt, or should I say resort to such disempowering practices?  Especially since the true nature of woman has forever been associated with empowerment through nurturing and nourishment.  I’m appalled. Especially that creatures that are primarily designed to love would fall prey to such a low vibrational  frame of mind.  Completely blind to the beauty and strength of our male counterparts.  Appalled. And yet, the only answer to that is, when you know better, you do better. Most of simply don’t or didn’t know better.  We’re lost.

The more I evolve in my understanding of my counterpart, the more I fall in  love, and the more I love it.  As a coach in the making, I’m in the business of empowering others and the best place to start is with myself.  The more adept I am at relating to the sexy beast (hahaha just for you Rockstar!!) the better I feel because I am empowered through empowering them and everyone wins.  And you know what, I don’t have to twist myself into a pretzel, connive and distort. I just have to treat them like human beings with their own needs and character traits that vary from mine.  As far back as I could remember, I’ve always had a deep admiration for men, I think it stems from having an awesome older brother. I noticed early on the vast intelligence of men represented through him, and this quiet canyon like depth that could only be noticed if you really tuned in. As such, I always felt a strong need for the presence of men in my life, for the longest time I had lots of guys friends and I drew so much comfort from them. It  They were so present for me and shared so much of themselves with me. I didn’t know until recently what I was doing right, that enabled this type of relationship.  I also didn’t know what I was doing wrong that stunted it where I had needs that weren’t being met.   And now that I know more than I knew then I find myself so sensitive to the emasculation of men, it’s everywhere and it’s so sad to see in the non verbal reactions to it.  The even sadder part is that women have no clue, we just have not been taught to see it, and yet on some level we must feel it, we just have bypassed our heart brain and only use our mind brain and have lost our bearings in this arena (and in many others might I add).

You (we) can’t keep it up ladies, hate me or love me for saying this but we are so powerful that we brought the whole darn relational infrastructure to pieces, (and yes, men let us, because they freakin love us that much), it’s up to us now to rebuild it.  How we relate to others begins with us.  Everyone has a part to play in having it all come together but stop pointing the finger and reach for your own empowerment.

Teachings from the work of Alison Armstrong.  Go, learn something, NOW.