thrilled by your gaze
enticed by the possibility
with each encounter I become happier
when you bow to me
I can feel the reverence
it moves my soul
I blush
beautiful man
I feel like we are children with wise souls
playing tag in the sun
the way my spirit sways in the wind
and the way you steady everything
with your presence
feels like home

I wander in thought
from within my heart
on how you will come to me
how it will feel
playfully enjoying the way I shine under your gaze
the way I smile and find myself quietly curious

and when we will walk under the summer stars
quietly joining hands
I will let my soul curl peacefully into yours
I will let your presence fill up the dry puddles within myself
the way a stream flows into each crevice that the earth has left to be nourished
the way earth and water were meant to work together under the sun
to create a place for roots to spring from