Same Life. It just tastes better!

Same Life. It just tastes better!

I find people’s reactions to this photo so interesting. It’s often some sort of agreement or “vibrational resonance” with the slogan. I wonder how far down your own thought process you might be willing to go ….

Our beliefs shape our world.  But so often we are not even aware that we have beliefs or where they come from.  Oh but there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving a glass of wine in a beautiful wine glass.  It’s when you become attached to that wine glass to define your enjoyment of the wine, when the wine glass serves as a means to define your identity that you’ve just cheated yourself out of the freedom of abounding joy that life offers constantly. Have you stopped to consider why it tastes better? Ask yourself why  ? In this moment?  Where does this belief come from?  Who? Where? When? Why? For what purpose?

Life is no longer enough as just Life, it’s no longer rich with flavor and contrast and ripe with opportunity unless it comes in the frame size and color and shape you expect it to.  And so you lose your ability to zero in on the scents, the subtle flavors and hues.  You are sorting for a package, a frame and you’re missing out on some beauty and miracles in the mundane life you believe it to be as you sort out the frames that don’t fit. As you lose your ability to make distinctions you lose your ability to readily get from life what it is that you want.  As you let beliefs you didn’t even know you had, be shaped by a force you can ‘t even name, you let your creative force be taken from you.

Oh but yes, love the wine, love the wine as it swirls in the beautiful shiny crystal but know that it is not the crystal that defines the wine.  Even more powerful, know that it is not the crystal that defines your appreciation of the wine.  It’s your senses ability to taste the tannins, feel the texture, and breath in the scent.  And your ability to get more enjoyment from your experiences remains within your reach, within yourself because it’s coming from you. You are now using your owns senses, your own feelings to draw a better feeling from an experience. You are taking your own creative power back.

Just a thought I’ve had stick around all week……