when you feel weary and you feel you can walk no more
you can lay your head right by me the willow branches whispered
as they drooped into the pond
here you will find a cool refuge from the burning sun
but still the light of its rays
here you will the a mild breeze to kiss your shoulders
water to wash away the weariness
you can see nature come and go
here you can leave your heavy burdens
the trees will chew away at them
you can leave them with us
the wisdom of the willows is meant for such things
here you can see the forest from the trees
those that bring you joy, love
those that lighten your your heart
those that walk with you, shedding more light upon your path
here you will meet with the light that glows within your heart
you will be fed, nourished
you will be brought back to life
such is the wisdom the willows
they whispered to me as I watched them drinkng from the pond
from roots to tree top
bending all the way to droop into the pond
a sacred place for all the find peace