Ashton Kutcher recently gave an inspiring talk that relates to the release of the Jobs movie. I believe it to be commendable that people in Hollywood use their influence to inspire people who are watching, especially youngsters. Moreover, Kutcher did a great job at delivering the speech(haven’t seen the movie yet).  I made this comment on a friends Facebook post.  Some dude I don’t know came down on me and Kutcher and Jobs and all of us who commended the speech saying that this was simply a ploy to sell more movie seats.

“And? So what?” my response was. The better the movie does, the more people will see it, the more message gets spread.

The dude in question didn’t like this. Haters hate my friends, that’s what they do.  I walked away from the conversation because it would have fallen on deaf ears.

Ever since I’ve  been contemplating “haters” now and then and this MLK quote reminded me of that incident. Seriously, so what if the movie does well and they pocket loads of cash – the message, a good one, will influence lives, perhaps lives of youngsters who may otherwise not strive for more, bigger, better.  We have responsibility to share our gifts, our stories with each other should they be uplifting.  This should be done often, and well and celebrated, not frowned upon.  Who cares that they want to make money with the movie, why was your time fighting this, when you could be realizing that someone watching that movie may be motivated to, as well, become successful and who knows, filthy rich as well. Again, so what?

Steve Jobs had a monumental impact on the world, his story should get widespread attention and should be leveraged to move millions. Haters could have the opportunity to create the same impact (and mula) if they weren’t so busy hating.

Your hating is a minimizing the impact another human being, like you (could have) on the world.  It’s a also a disregard for the gifts shared by humanity. Haters will say, they’re greedy and don’t leverage their riches for good.  Again, so what?  If you weren’t so busy hating you could work to make your own millions and leverage it anyway you feel it should be leveraged.  You’re bringing us down, yo! Take your hating elsewhere.