Question: Men, what does it mean to you to be present for your lady? How can you show up with even more strength and power?

Answer: It means I listen to her needs and concerns, not with my head, but rather my heart and soul It means I know when something is bothering her or she is not feeling well. It means I know how to get thru when she is evading or doesn’t want to talk. It means I will not let her get me off balance, I will always be there for her. She can be a megabitch , and I will continue to cherish amd adore her. I will make her feel safe, secure. She can be free to express herself in any way possible.

– James Archambault

Wise (and precise)  words. Also they way, straight into my soul.

Thanks James for giving me the words now to express what I need from a man.  Never could formulate it this way.  I pondered that and I realized, how could I? I can’t speak in male terms about needs I need from a man being a female.  Makes total sense now.  So maybe the answer to successful communication when relating to the opposite sex is to have a same gender person as an intermediary, kinda like a translator. Who knows… either way I love the words.