"stop trying to dance to a rhythmn that isn't yours. nothing out there belongs in here"
About Me

Hi to everyone.
My name is Kim Mecca!

I dream of a world where love, space and rest are skillfully employed as powerful problem solving forces, people are at ease with vulnerability, sugar is as illegal as cocaine, and organic is the new non-organic.

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Inspiration category

Coming from two
different cultures has
been instrumental in
how we’ve approached
our design process.

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the ♥ files

the secrets she whispers

night gives way to dawn when her lips curve into a smile and she leans over to whisper into his ear they all want to know the secrets she shares with him and him with her like a private invisible…


Look for what you are looking for

Words are powerful. How we use them has weight and impact on the shaping of our life experience.  It’s subtle, but still very powerful.  There’s a lot of information out there that teaches you how to use your languaging to…

the ♥ files

love first, question after

sooooo well said and a magical experience   🙂 : The next time your woman is in a bad mood, try this: Assume she is not feeling loved. Simply assume it, even if it seems that it can’t be that…


The Power of Being Human

The people you think “have it all together” are just those you don’t know well enough. -Rick Warren In Information = Power from Success Magazine‘s December 2011 issue, Tavis Smiley talks about the importance of leader’s sharing their stories of…

the ♥ files


It’s like you want it to be over he said to me it shocked me reminded me of you, slowing me down of course I want it to end the question mark, made into a period. I want to feel,…

building bridges

The importance of depth

Women are moved by depth. It’s why we seek out such deep connections with the people we relate to. It’s why historically we’ve had nurturing type roles. It’s why we feel so much compassion and empathy and MUST act on…

building bridges

the man’s secret weapon

It’s no secret that men love teaching women (how to do) things.  And that they are great at it!  And that this exchange of giving and receiving creates a dynamic has a swooning effect on women and a puffing effect…


What I know for sure

“You can’t solve a problem with the level of thinking that created it” -Albert Einstein I’ve been working on a list of my own personal “maxims” – my own “rules of the road” so to speak; for relating and for…

grief to relief

open wider than the hurt

I could pretend that I don’t miss you the words I hate to utter aloud and that my heart  doesn’t feel crushed as my day goes along its hums in the back of my mind tears stinging my eyes when…