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Magic Moments

I spent yesterday afternoon in a hospital room, sitting in a chair beside my grandfather.  As he slept I read a book touching on Grace sent to  my good friend Ronald Arceo. There was a an elder woman sleeping in…

building bridges

The Joy of Freedom (redefined)

Over an amazing dinner at a quaint resto in the Tremblant village, 4 ladies intensely discussed the subject of relationships. The platform for the launch of our discussion stemmed from a recent short lived, but particular romance I had with…

building bridges

Without You

were it not for you, I would not know the joy of being who I am I would not know the immense power within me I would not have experienced the palpable sensation of it were it nor for you…

building bridges


Accountability: Actions toward or involving others that reflect the integrity of the person you want to be. I like this definition, saw it on poster I came across somewhere, it stuck. When someone explicitly signals you that they are trouble…

the ♥ files

People Watching for the Soul

I ride the subway in the office on rainy summer days with much agony. I am one of those crazy people that would rather start off my day sweating my way up and over the mountain with my bike, and then end it off in the…

the ♥ files

The ♥ Files

  2011-08-16 "Tu es une femme qui inspire le respet" ... a moment in time that changed my life forever Q♥       2011-05-06 "I flew back to tell you that I love you" "You flew back just for...
building bridges

Guy vs Guy or Girl vs Guy

I actually wasn’t going to post this just yet, but opportunity knocked so I’m putting it out there, pre-maturely unedited and all. There’s plenty of time to expand on this in the future as I don’t think it’s an issue that will…

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walking away

some goodbye’s are choices made without thinking too much too much thought would make them impossible to make and so she chose to let him fly back this man from a sunny sunday afternoon at the market without ever letting…