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The Way Out is Through

If you’re going to be alive, you’re going to feel emotion.  I think many would agree  that this is a universal truth and a blessing of life (even though negative emotions may feel like a curse). Nowhere are those emotions…

building bridges

Relationship ROI

One of my girlfriend’s said it really well this evening “If we invested as much time in our relationships as we did in our careers, they would thrive just as well”. We aren’t taught this. It’s not a big part…

the ♥ files

Unconditional conditions

A facet of unconditional love means loving someone for where they are even when it’s not where you want them to be. When we marry the term love with relationship -this becomes a challenge in the longterm sense.  It’s easy…


Relating Outside Your Imaginary Lines

Life happens in patterns. Beginnings and endings.  The four seasons. Sunshine after the rain.  In our own human interactions, we tend to have our patterns.  Think of Trump’s falls and rises. Think of someone who has a cheating pattern, a…