just a girl

It’s often the simple things that we enjoy the most. Quiet conversation on park bench under the stars That movie set moment while walking down a street in Spain reliving it in your neighbourhood Walking and holding hands Ice cream…

just a girl

icy mornings and summer walks

still wrapped in the early morning’s deep slumber she walked into the somber space, the scent of fresh coffee circulating around her the familiar exchange of smiles against the peaceful early morning ambiance that comforting sense of his arm around…


narrow country highways

the smell of paint reminds me of my grandfather my mother’s father, he was a painter paint cans were everywhere, in all of if his three garages and cats so many cats, kittens and dogs he always had at least one…

grief to relief

The Art of Love

it was the words we never spoke out loud even in empty spaces for fear the walls would hear but in the space between us, they were allowed those ugly things you are never supposed to think or feel, the…