places I’d never think I’d see wide, open, glimpses of other’s lives carried now within my soul and my heart feels like it will burst open with gratitude I yearn for you to open me I want to share it…

the ♥ files

Unconditional conditions

A facet of unconditional love means loving someone for where they are even when it’s not where you want them to be. When we marry the term love with relationship -this becomes a challenge in the longterm sense.  It’s easy…

building bridges


Accountability: Actions toward or involving others that reflect the integrity of the person you want to be. I like this definition, saw it on poster I came across somewhere, it stuck. When someone explicitly signals you that they are trouble…


Going back to move forward

February 7th, 2011 I remember being 13. I had a crush on the neighberhood bad boy.  It was a very long crush. Kinda like the ones you see in the movies. I was 16 when I finally let go.  It…

Open Door

The Power of the Big Picture

It’s very easy to get caught up in the ampler of the task at hand and the fear that comes with it. The book we’re writing, the event we’re planning, the impossible relationship, the girl that’s out of our league,…

mwa mwa

Have to, Have to, Have to…

Have to, Have to, Have to… I cringe at every sentence that follows those words. Even when they’re my own. My brain just short circuits and erases everything that follows…. kinda like the mwa-mwa effect in a Charlie Brown cartoon….

building bridges

Why not answer the call?

The thing about relationships is that they shine a very bright light onto everything you don’t want to see… about yourself. Your negative habits, behaviors, states, attitudes, the things you refuse to do or change, your weaknesses. Your inability to…


Notice it and Let it Go

So you think you’re non judgmental? You have a problem with people being judgmental? Boy do I have news for you…. we are judgmental beings. You don’t think so? Why? Because you love others even when they are overweight? Because…