The Deciding Muscle Grows

A short while ago, I wrote about how making good decisions is what makes you a person of integrity. See The Deciding Muscle. I had several moving experiences that allowed insight into this concept. Just like a muscle has to…

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Queen of Tides

Queen of tides the world falls at her feet the ocean parts Queen of tides, dreams it and it is Master of her own domain, and only that and by default, then, of all else always it gets easier and…


The Deciding Muscle

It is not integrity that makes us make good decisions but rather making good decisions that makes us integrous. – Caroline Veilleux ♥ Some decisions are a long time coming. To the naked eye, they seem single fold, but beneath…


Be the voice!

~~Now I am the voice. I will lead, not follow, create, not destroy, I will believe not doubt. I am a force for good. I am a force for God. Defy the odds, set a new standard. Step up! Step…