A way to live (while you’re still alive)

Life is but a mere string of moments, yours to seize. You are here today. The good, the bad, the ugly. The beautiful. The love. Say yes! When you are angry, say yes! Because that anger wants to propel you somewhere forward, EMBRACE IT!  When you…


Going back to move forward

February 7th, 2011 I remember being 13. I had a crush on the neighberhood bad boy.  It was a very long crush. Kinda like the ones you see in the movies. I was 16 when I finally let go.  It…


The BAD places we visit

In circles of empowered people there is a huge fear of being in a negative state. As if people who know better must always do better.  Experience has taught me that the negative states are not always bad, in fact,…

Open Door

The Power of the Big Picture

It’s very easy to get caught up in the ampler of the task at hand and the fear that comes with it. The book we’re writing, the event we’re planning, the impossible relationship, the girl that’s out of our league,…


An Empowering Metaphor

On my way back down from the daily run yesterday, on serpentine road, running with my new partner, I was thinking about the icy conditions from build up of  compiled snow and thaw. The road was well maintained, there was…


Taking Back Control

I can’t help but notice how I see and hear people relating to the subject of emotion.  I think it’s fair to say that the common belief is that emotions need to be controlled.  I actually had someone say this…

expansion, just a girl

The Joy of Freedom

There’s a lot of talk that goes on about “not changing who you are” to be in a relationship.  About staying true to yourself, your loves, your dreams, about being supported in them as a requirement for a relationship.  But…


Relating Outside Your Imaginary Lines

Life happens in patterns. Beginnings and endings.  The four seasons. Sunshine after the rain.  In our own human interactions, we tend to have our patterns.  Think of Trump’s falls and rises. Think of someone who has a cheating pattern, a…