Pacing & Leading

I have a friend who’s begged me not to run away again who’s nudged me to leap in the face of massive adversity who’s pushed me so hard past the edge to throw myself back in the river knowing full…

Church Bells
grief to relief, uncut

Church Bells

I chose to do the eulogy at my grandmother’s funeral last October. She raised me. We were very close and I held her hand while she left us. I sat by her and softly sang Silent Night and Amazing Grace…

building bridges

Bridging the Gap Between Two

The quality of your life (may be) determined by the quality of your relationships (T.R.), but the quality of your relationships is determined by the quality of your relating to them, and the quality of your relating (contribution) to them…


The Deciding Muscle Grows

A short while ago, I wrote about how making good decisions is what makes you a person of integrity. See The Deciding Muscle. I had several moving experiences that allowed insight into this concept. Just like a muscle has to…


The Missing Piece

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it” ~Rumi when I opened my eyes this morning I found a certain squirrel in my tree…

just a girl, uncut


a woman who smiles at life who loves all but a few have her heart forever those few are sacred to her and will always be carried with her one who is open but few have seen a glimpse of…