Here goes the first string of words to flow in a a very long time. For the first time in months I genuinely feel like writing. I think I’m a little rusty lol.

In the last few days I’ve noticed alot of people talking about the little things that make them happy. I am at master of the little things that make me happy. The underpass coming up to Westmount from St Antoine with it’s massive tress. The willows in Jarry park. How W swims around when I sit at the table for dinner. Emma’s hugs, Marianna’s smile. My mom. Nonna. Adventure days.

Last night I took an evening stroll with my adventure girl, we stopped by the drugstore, she needed bleach & I needed toothpaste, on the way back we stopped to pick up coffee, as we walked back, bags and all, catching up from the events of the last 2 weeks. I felt a rush of joy as I reached for her coffee cup as she switched hands for her heavy load. It was a simple little thing but the fact that we are so in tune that way, that I already know when to reach out and help her without even knowing exactly what she is going to do, that immediate connection, being in sync, what a gift. How often can you say that truly feel connected people?

With adventure girl, for the most part, we’re always connected and I am truly blessed. But so many other times in my life I have the gift of feeling connected to others, plugged in, with this sense of knowing what they are feeling, could be my strong rapport skills from NLP studies, but these tiny little things unnoticeable to the naked eye, they fill me up. It’s such a gift to simply be human and to be able to plug into other people. Isn’t that the greatest gift of all, and yet so small, so mundane. Haven’;t you eve crossed a stranger on the street and smiled at each other simultaneously ? Instantly connected, and did you notice what a great feeling that brings? Such a simple little thing, but yet it tells the blanket theory (Little Miss Sunshine), we are one, we are all connected. With everything else in life all you have to is notice. Little magical moments are everywhere, yours for the taking.. or should I say… yours for the noticing.