I don’t love you, not at allBut I’m going to love you anywayI don’t love youThe greenback you give me aren’t anywhere near worth itYou take from me, my stomach in a knot from dawn till duskYou have us fighting terrors…


Where are you headed?

“You can’t have a happy ending to unhappy journey” A. Hicks. If you’re journey is tainted with fear, apprehension, hatred, or any sort of negative emotion – you can’t expect to step foot onto a happy , joyful, playful destination….

the ♥ files

empty fullness

Watching the glimpses of their story flash before her as they move from one place to another, a place where they will no longer be visible the deep and profound hollowness of the bongos echoing through her her veins full…


tri-colored comfort

I love the autumn like I love the rain for it beckons the secrets of life with each passing day it knows about death and how natural it is even as it is desolate both in vision and in heart…

the yoga diaries

In sync with Yoga

I love trees. Especially big ones with deep green colored leaves or weeping willows that seem embrace the earth with their long branches.  I love the vivid colors in the autumn months. Trees represent (for me) strength, adaptability, wisdom and…


In the Palm of Your Hand

it’s in the palm  of your hand your giant hand that envelopes all of me that’s where I close my eyes to be where I don’t wanna be where I am in that dark moment with my eyes shut I…



and so stillness found the girl who chased her tail the girl who, like rooted tree, weathered storm season in all of it’s facets it happened slowly an it spoke wisely of notions of deep bonds morphed from the passing…