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Hardness VS Strength

Hardness vs Strength Do not let yourself fall under the spell of the fairytale of hardness. The world will tell you every day, blatantly, and, insidiously, that you need to be tough and harden yourself. Do not let yourself be…


Tear down the dams

For the last three years I watched one of my best friends, after his divorce, actively, consciously, clamp down on the relationships in his life.  Deciding that certain types of experiences and connections were not to be participated in, actively…


One of the faces of courage

Nothing will destroy your relationships and achievements faster than your need to be right. It takes a keen man to recognize the many faces of his ego. When you push and pull and insist, when you turn away from a…


Facing one’s fear

Having walked on fire  several times, I can testify to the very powerful act of facing our physical fears.  Doing things that scare the living the daylights out of us can have create huge waves of shifts in all areas…

just a girl

On Being Open

I am almost painfully aware of how open I am compared to some of the people I come into contact with on a daily basis. I find myself continuously amazed at the taboo-ness of it.  Consistently asking myself, why are…