the ♥ files

coming home

Lying here As the chilly fall air seeps in through the walls Complete ease moves like wave between us And passion rolls along the edges of the waves Keeping us warm and alive Sleeping peacefully I can feel the depth…

the ♥ files

the secrets she whispers

night gives way to dawn when her lips curve into a smile and she leans over to whisper into his ear they all want to know the secrets she shares with him and him with her like a private invisible…


moment to moment

she drew in life through breath stepping back to let him take the lead paused for a moment while he got strong while he chose it was soon that the curtain lifted like a fog like a soft voice inside…



and so stillness found the girl who chased her tail the girl who, like rooted tree, weathered storm season in all of it’s facets it happened slowly an it spoke wisely of notions of deep bonds morphed from the passing…