the ♥ files


In a world where everyone wants to stand out, sometimes, she wanted to lose herself in a group. Not to be belong, but to fade. In that fade and insignificance, she could lose her sorrows the way she lost her…

the writing files, the ♥ files


“I want to feel” she sais your fingertips trace the roads along my bare spine the sun’s warm, not scorching rays against my sleeping face freedom return to my heart purpose reside within my soul expression, a waterfall from my…

the ♥ files


don’t wanna talk about  it or tell you who I am or listen to you tell me people aren’t explained, they are experienced don’t want leftover’s not your’s or anyone else’s no hand-me-down kinda love there are no half measures…


Pebbles at my Window

would you throw pebbles at my window at night (if I had a window) would you continue to lead like you did slow things down to be present to have me breath you in I was afraid I’d turn to…