moving on

the ♥ files

when you’re not looking

moving on happens when you’re not looking it sneaks up on you when you’re busy doing other things new lips brush gently against her  face on a cold night unexpected he beams when sunlight spills into the room as if…


with each moment my heart is less and less wrapped around yours I find myself freer and freer from that ties that bind my heart is a little brighter my step a little lighter free from you not looking back…


Eyes Wide Open

It slowly creeps And builds Not loathing, but some elements of it Look and see See with eyes wide open See, truth Misalignment And all that creeping Becomes one moment, seeing with your eyes Knowing It’s time to let it…

grief to relief


it’s a different kinda feeling now this waiting for peace oh but it’s always there but how else to make peace but to be it and so in this moment I am despite the dull aching somewhere in the voidless…