building bridges

the man’s secret weapon

It’s no secret that men love teaching women (how to do) things.  And that they are great at it!  And that this exchange of giving and receiving creates a dynamic has a swooning effect on women and a puffing effect…

building bridges

something worth seeking out

We tend to seek out superhuman qualities in our partners as if our partners are meant to be superhuman beings.  But really we should seek an openness and willingness to evolve and expand in whatever areas are important to you….

the ♥ files

Unconditional conditions

A facet of unconditional love means loving someone for where they are even when it’s not where you want them to be. When we marry the term love with relationship -this becomes a challenge in the longterm sense.  It’s easy…


The identity label..

There mere act of defining who you are puts limits on who you can be. It can close you in some way. Instead define what you love, how you to feel, what you give, how you impact the world. Let…