One of the faces of courage

Nothing will destroy your relationships and achievements faster than your need to be right. It takes a keen man to recognize the many faces of his ego. When you push and pull and insist, when you turn away from a…


The Power of Being Human

The people you think “have it all together” are just those you don’t know well enough. -Rick Warren In Information = Power from Success Magazine‘s December 2011 issue, Tavis Smiley talks about the importance of leader’s sharing their stories of…

building bridges

The other way around it?

The tendency, I believe it is fair to say, with dating, is to put best your best foot forward, especially in the beginnings of courtship (ah courtship – what a beautiful thing!). You know look your best, walk your best,…

the ♥ files

The Violin and its Melody

  The sound of your violin may be beautiful but I am more interested in the melody of your music than the notes you make with your instrument Your notes over time are just as a important as your notes…

building bridges

The Joy of Freedom (redefined)

Over an amazing dinner at a quaint resto in the Tremblant village, 4 ladies intensely discussed the subject of relationships. The platform for the launch of our discussion stemmed from a recent short lived, but particular romance I had with…

expansion, just a girl

The Joy of Freedom

There’s a lot of talk that goes on about “not changing who you are” to be in a relationship.  About staying true to yourself, your loves, your dreams, about being supported in them as a requirement for a relationship.  But…