building bridges

Connecting the dots between guys and girls

building bridges

Guy vs Guy or Girl vs Guy

I actually wasn’t going to post this just yet, but opportunity knocked so I’m putting it out there, pre-maturely unedited and all. There’s plenty of time to expand on this in the future as I don’t think it’s an issue that will…

building bridges

On Men

OK peeps having a hard time embedding the video… (just more leverage to get me to revamp the blog, it’s time!!!)… follow the link below, or go to u don’t wanna miss this site anyway, you’ll love it! THE…

building bridges

Common Sense Nervousness?

I’m always boggled by people who tell me they get really really nervous before a first date.  How nervous are they really? What are they afraid of?  Rejection?  If a complete stranger calls you up and tells you they NEVER…

building bridges, expansion

Expansive Intentions

Love does not obey our expectations; it obeys our intentions.” -Lloyd Strom I have a firm belief that we can change the way we relate to someone if we truly commit to doing so.  I’ve been able to demonstrate this…

building bridges

Q&A with James Archambault

Question: Men, what does it mean to you to be present for your lady? How can you show up with even more strength and power? Answer: It means I listen to her needs and concerns, not with my head, but…

building bridges

The purest form of love

I’ve made reference to this in a previous post on Ownership but I’m here to say it again. And again. And again. The purest form of Love is FREEDOM. It’s that simple. You want be loving, set yourself free, set your…